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The Zenguelemo Experience

Embrace Imperfect Perfection

The Zenguelemo experience is one of discovery and enjoyment not for everyone but can be found by all those who seek it. From the morning light, laid back community way of life, birds that sing and live life in the air, reptiles soaking up the sun, mammals exploring the island, colorful fish and coral found on the reef and crustaceans doing what crustaceans do until the setting sun enjoy your days by finding the joy in the smallest things. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so we invite all who embrace the imperfect perfection that is all around to our home.

A Classic Dhow sits waiting for the tide.jpeg

Always learning

We employ 100% from the community on Bazaruto Islands. Our service is passion driven and we attempt to make your experience as friendly and enjoyable as possible. Our team is always learning and patience and understanding are core principles with our staff. We do love to learn and develop, are always willing and will always employ this mindset as we grow. 

We pride ourselves in being family driven and are a family destination. 

The Island

Home to our community and home to you. The island is a wonder to explore and the ocean is bursting with life. The better we do the more we protect. Our aim is one of a sustainable lodge and a sustainable community.

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